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Craiova downtown

Oltenia, also called Lesser Wallachia in antiquated versions, with the alternate Latin names Wallachia Minor, Wallachia Alutana, Wallachia Caesarea between 1718 and 1739) is a historical province and geographical region of Romania in western Wallachia.​
It is situated between the Danube, the Southern Carpathians and the Olt river.

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Craiova is the chief commercial city west of Bucharest and the most important city of Oltenia.

Drobeta Turnu Severin


The city was originally linked by historians with the Roman Emperor Severus; however, its name is most likely in fact derived from Old Church Slavonic.

Targu Jiu

Târgu Jiu is the capital of Gorj County in the Oltenia region of Romania.