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Take a trip to the ,, Small Vienna’’ of Romania

Far from being the typical city, suffocated by constructions without identity, Timisoara is a bohemian city, located in western Romania, with buildings and palaces steeped in history, with colorful gardens and parks.

Whatever you choose to do in this city, whether that means to take a walk in the bohemian air markets, or see the bridges that glide romantically over the sunsets, or clubs where music has no sleep, this city offers to all their own corner of heaven.

One of the cities with the richest architectural and cultural heritage in Romania, Timisoara is a tourist objective that you must add to the list of places visited.

Fascinating and with a western atmosphere, this city enchants us with numerous tourist attractions, among which are the following:

Huniade  Castle                         

More than a historical monument, Huniade Castle is also the oldest building in Timisoara, being built between 1443 – 1447 by Ioan de Hunedoara, on the ruins of an old castle from the 14th century. In the inner courtyard were discovered the foundations of the masonry and the tower dungeon, which are supposed to date from 1307 – 1314.
The construction is an important tourist atractions both because of its long history and architectural style and because of the interesting exhibits in the museum. Being a public institution open to visitors, tourists have access to the castle’s courtyard as well as inside.

In front of the museum there are two lamps reminding that Timişoara was the first European town to have introduced electric public lighting in 12 November 1884.

Timisoara Central Park

In the seventeenth century it was a military cemetery that was closed in 1770.  One hundred years later, the military commander of the city, General Anton Scudier, ordered the remains to be moved to the Cemetery. Heroes and in its place to be a promenade place as soon as possible. The new green space took over the name of the general and, after his death, a statue was erected there. In the First World War the statue was destroyed, and at present the Central Park houses a monument of heroes, several statues of important personalities from Banat history and numerous artesian fountains.

Theresia Bastion

The Maria Theresia bastion is a Baroque monument of great historical significance, being the largest piece of wall preserved in the old city of Timișoara.

Today it is used as a passage, but it also houses commercial spaces, restaurants, bars, a disco and a library, and two permanent exhibitions of the Museum of Banat, the Information and Communications Technology “Violin – a passion for life”, and the Ethnography Museum Village.

Roses Park

The legend say that the rose park was made by the contribution of the rich women from the city, who brought on their money, from abroad, many species of roses. During the Universal Exhibition visited by Emperor Franz Jozef, 10 wooden pavilions were installed here and featured over 300 varieties of roses.

If you arrived at this place in Timisoara  you can continue relaxing by walking along the shore or even in a small boat on Bega.

You can discover planty of  parks and oases of greenery and the famous bridges of Timisoara that stretch over Bega.


Timișoara Brewery is the first brewery in Romania, established before 1718 in the Fabric district of Timișoara.

Over the years, the factory passed through many modernization works, adding new buildings and facilities of the last generation or demolishing those that were no longer functional.

Near the brewery is also the restaurant La Fabrica (known as the Brewery), where in a medieval setting you can enjoy the famous Timișoreana beer and other goodies from Banat.


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