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Having an international reputation, thanks to the evolution of economic sales for the last years, but also to the cultural events it organizes here successfully over time, Sibiu was named the Cultural Capital of Europe, in 2007, when it organized a hosting festival, concerts and other forms of artistic events.

Sibiu is an excellent place to spend a few days in all four seasons. Whether you want to spend time in nature or want to explore fascinating museums, cathedrals and impressive churches , Sibiu has everything an adventurous tourist needs.

A bohemian city with medieval twisted streets with spacious markets, and observation towers, Sibiu is considered one of the most important tourist attractions in Romania.

We open the list of tourist attractions with a top of the most beautiful places to visit in Sibiu, about which we are convinced that they will not leave you indifferent.

The historical center of Sibiu

The trip through Sibiu could be possible to begin the zero point in the city, full of streets and preservation with old monumental buildings, cared for with great scope to ensure all the tourist objectives you have in sight.

Since ancient times in Sibiu, you can quickly get to 3 of the most famous pieces here: Piata Mică, Piața Mare and Piata Huet, as well as other extremely popular tourist attractions.

Brukenthal Museum

Baron Samuel von Brukenthal, the former Governor of the Grand Principality of Transylvania between 1777 and 1787, has built in Sibiu a palace bearing his name The palace has over 800 paintings and other art objects, arranged in the 13 rooms of the museum. Brukenthal Palace is  home to the most important European art galleries in Romania.

The Bridge of Lies

The Bridge of Lies is a symbol of the city. It was built in 1859 by Friedrich Hutte instead of an older wooden bridge, this is the first wrought iron bridge built in Romania and the second in Europe. The locals also have a legend for one of the attractions of the city, namely that if someone tells a lie while on this bridge, they risk falling.

The bridge brings together the new and the old, and its constructions have an air of story that you can’t miss.

Council Tower

Built in the fourteenth century, for defensive purposes,  the Council Tower fulfilled several roles: cereal depot, fire observation tower, temporary prison and even a botany museum. Located between the two markets of the city, Piata Mică and Piața Mare, the Tower of Council has been watching over Sibiu since 1324. Climb its 141 steps and be ready to enjoy a unique view of the small town in the heart of Transylvania, but also of the Fagaras Mountains.

The zoo in Sibiu

It was opened in the Dumbrava forest in 1929, being the first Zoological Garden in Romania. The garden extends on 15 hectares,  and you will be able to admire an old oak tree over six centuries old, but also a specially created site for jaguars, which goes over the main access road.

The place has in administration a lot of animal species, you will be able to admire over 200 animals and birds from 52 species.


The Transfăgărășan, one of the most spectacular roads in the world, is a paved mountain road crossing the southern section of the Carpathian Mountains of Romania. It has national-road ranking and is the second-highest paved road in the country after the Transalpina. The road has a total length of 152 kilometers and crosses, in spectacular streams, the Fagaras mountains, making the connection between Muntenia and Transylvania.

Transfăgărășan has a lot of tourist attractions that you have to put on your list of beautiful places to visit. Vidraru lake and dam, Capra river valley, Capra waterfall, Natural Reserves Bâlea Alpine Gulf and Făgăraș Mountains, but also the glacial lake and Bâlea waterfall.

 Is open only a few months a year, from June to November. Before going on the road, we recommend that you check if the famous road is open to the public.


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