Best Cluj Napoca attractions
Capital to the historical province of Transylvania

Cluj Napoca- the ,,tresure box” of Romania

Cluj-Napoca commonly known as Cluj, is the fourth most popular  city in Romania, and is being situated in the northwestern part of the country. It is the most effervescent city in Romania attracting people from all over the world and is known as a very important economic, cultural and innovation center having numerous  carriers opportunities .

This city has evolved during the years and it is placed near to the most important cities in Europe due to the music festivals that consecrated it. The city  is in continuous transformations and has a high variety of activities  you can envolve in. Either you choose Cluj as a tourist destination or you want to take part in Electric Castle or Untold Festival,  this city provides you all you need so you can have a nice time.

Cultural life in this city is exhibited in a number of fields, including the visual arts, performing arts and nightlife. Cultural scene spans its history, he started to be built in Roman times, thing that left a mark on the urban layout (centered on today’s Piata Muzeului) and of the ruins that have remained.

There are plenty of tourist attractions and places full of legends, history and traditions, here is a list of some things you can visit.

Romulus Vuia National Ethnographic Park 

This is the first open air museum ever established in Romania, which dates back to 1929,when it measures 75 hectares. Although World War II was about to be fatal for it, the culture people of the time made an effort to rebuild and bring to life the old households, moving them into museums, to be protected.

In Romulus Vuia National Ethnographic Museum you will find the most valuable architectural monuments from the Ethnographic Heritage of Romania.

Botanical Garden

Internationally known for its many rare and spectacular plants, this botanical garden is considered one of the most beautiful in the world.The Botanical Garden  belongs to the Babes Bolyai University of Cluj-Napoca and was founded in 1920 by Prof. Alexandru Borza.

Besides the fact that it a tourist destination the garden also serves the university as a very important reserch center.If you visit the garden you will be able to admire over 10,000 plant species and understant more about them. People also go there for a moment of peace and quite, to meditate at a tree that si older than Romania.

Turda Salt Mine

If you plan to visit Cluj, you have to take in consideration a visit to the most beautiful salt mine in Romania. Salt Mine Turda is a real natural salt museum, which will leave speecheless.

Here you can have a lot of activities, you can play minigolf, minibowling. You can also go boating on a lake in the depths of a salt mountain, located 112 meters below the ground.

Tailors’ Bastion

Tailors’ Bastion was build in 1475 and refurbished by Gabriel Bethlen between 1627-1629. A true guard on  the past,  is one of the few fortified towers that have remained intact to this day.

The monument has been transformed into a museum, and today it houses the Center for Urban Culture,  you can enjoy a cup of coffe at the basement cafe. You can also have access to a conference room and several exhibition spaces.

The Fortress

Another beautiful place gives you the chance to have  an amazing experience bringing the whole city at your feet. You should not leave without reaching Fortress. The fortress was built on the left bank of the Somes River during the Habsburg period, in the first part of the 12th century. The panorama of Fortress is one of the most beautiful in Romania, being the favorite place for lovers.


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