Clubs and Pubs in Brasov

Deanes Pub Brasov

Deans Pub

The Deans Pub is located in the centre of Brasov. They serve good beed and delicious food. In the weekends you can dance and party there all night long.

Musik Cafe Brasov

Musik Cafe

Musik Cafe is located in the centre of Brasov. The staff is super friendly and they offer a wide variety of drinks.

Rockstadt Club Brasov

Rockstadt Club

Rockstadt is the place to be, surrounded by your friends head-banging to heavy music and having a good time. They often attend rock, jazz and heavy metal concerts.

Kruhnen Musik Halle - Brasov

Kruhnen Musik Halle

Kruhnen is located next to Rockstadt and it's the place to party and dance all night. Many big bands and dj's have attended concerts here making this club one of the most important in Romania.